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    Hardware-software complexes of AMS “Lenta” is a family of products designed for the automation of ticket sales and services and also for monitoring and control the spectators’ and accredited persons’ access to the institutions of culture, sports and education.


  • In each version of the system included universal-documented gateway to exchange information with other systems, including:
    • system identification fans;
    • CRM-system;
    • external ticketing operator;
    • third-party control system, access control and etc.
  • execution of structural elements controls access with unique functional and design characteristics by the customer;
  • marketing display allows to inform visually the visitors about the system and employees of the object category of the input document;
  • “Lenta Linea Pro" is universal tool for mobile access control and full details of the sale and passes on the input document for analysis of conflict situations in the passage;
  • support of MasterCard PayPass technology, allowing the use of contactless bank card not only for payment but also as universal identifier;
  • transparent and clear license policy. The user always gets the full functionality of the selected product;
  • convenient mechanism to work with reservations, distributors, and group sales;
  • the ability of the institution to the variety of options for spectators' seating for one platform.
  • support for thermal printers from all major manufacturers (Printers, custom, Zebra, etc.)

Meaning of AMS at IT-infrastucture

The system is recommended by UEFA and meets FIFA requirements for World Cup stadiums 2018.


Product family

LENTA - Stadium

Sale of tickets and season tickets to events of major sports venues without restrictions on the capacity of the audience.Monitoring and control of access of spectators and accredited persons at the facility.

LENTA -Sports Palace

Tickets’ sale and season tickets to events of major sports venues.Includes all the features “Tape-Stadium”.Version is limited to use at sites with number of seats up to 7000 people.

LENTA - Sports сomplex

Sports complex services' sales.Control and access control of visitors.

LENTA - Theatre

The sale of tickets. Monitoring and control of  spectators’ access.

LENTA - Museum

Selling tickets for the Museum visit and additional services. Monitoring and control of spectators’ access.

LENTA - Park

Tickets and season tickets' sales for the rides. Control and access control of visitors.

LENTA - Ticket operator

Organization of complex distributed scheme of  tickets' sales.

LENTA - Accreditation

Results and validation of accreditations. Interaction with external accreditation systems.


Complex subsystems, ensuring interaction with different external systems of identification and security.