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SHC "Privratnik"

The innovative access control system using specialized sensory barriers. Designed for installation where it is not practical or cannot install traditional turnstiles.


number of upright arbitrary
width between the uprights, mm 525 mm
rack dimensions, mm 1100*210*1020 mm
pallet dimensions, mm 1340*2190*550 mm
power consumption of each rack  25 Vt


  • Das not block evacuation routes

  • Gives an accurate picture about the number of people on site

  • Helps prevent unauthorized access to the facility (led and sound alert)

  • Each pass through the SHC "Privratnik" is fixed embedded in the barrier with cameras and saved in the database;

  • Has no mechanical parts, so does not require frequent servicing. 

SHC "Privratnik" comes complete with its own software - AMS "LENTA".

The main functions of the system are

System functions:
  • Register passage with personalized IDs (cards)

  • Photofixation of all the people passing by, with the sign "authorized / unauthorized" passage

  • Visual indication of the passage control

  • Determining of passage directions

  • Accounting for actual visits by authorized passage

  • Data exhchange with external system

SHC "Privratnik" is designed to meet all safety requirements. Sensory barrier stands forming a passage have ergonomic design and are made of impact-resistant non-combustible composite material. The fact of the passage through the barrier is fixed by means of infrared sensors, built around the perimeter of the stands, allowing to keep escape routes free.

Racks are installed on the assembly pallet system within which power cables and data cables are laid. Pallets are able to be quickly and easily assembled and, if necessary, it is possible to change the location of racks without sacrificing the floor covering.

In order to pass through the barrier it is enough for a visitor to apply a personalized card on the proximity reader. Built-in barrier IP- cameras and sensors capture each pass through the system, saving a picture of the passer, information about the time and his/her passage direction in the database. All information about visitors is available for the leadership of the institution at any time, online. Built-in light indicator modules allow visual access control. If a pass is allowed rack sensor get highlighted in green. If by presenting the card information in the database is not found or the card will not be brought closer to the reader, the display will change to red, an alarm will sound and security guards monitor displays a message indicating the fact of violation.