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EMIAS, Moscow

In the framework of the project “EMIAS,” the company “Infomatika” developed and produced 1800 specialized terminals of electronic queue for medical institutions of Moscow.

EMIAS is the state of the unified medical informational analytical system of Moscow.The project was developed and implemented by the Department of information technology and the Department of health in the framework of the program "Information city" on the basis of resolutions of the Government of Moscow.

The unified medical information and analytical system of Moscow is one of the most large-scale, complex organizational and social capital of it projects in recent years.The project has about 4500 specialists of different directions from more than 30 Russian it companies.The system employs about 23 000 healthcare professionals in more than 670 institutions.

The project in figures
  • 1800
    terminals of electronic queue
  • 670
    medical institutions
  • 2,5 млн
    million records every month

In the framework of the project the company “Infomatika” is responsible for the development, manufacture and maintenance of 1800 specialized informational terminals, electronic registry of medical institutions of Moscow.

The terminals are designed for self-appointment to the doctors in the hospitals, and equipped with readers which support different identifiers: barcode card with magnetic stripe, smart card, contactless card.

The first modification of the terminal was developed based on the model "Infomat V.2.EQ 19" with 19" LCD screen and a surfactant sensor.The second modification of the terminal “Infomat V.9”, has an exclusive design, developed specifically for the Department of informational technologies of Moscow.

The design uses a projection-capacitive sensor and a 23.6” LCD screen.The front panel, a table and a lower recess of the terminal are made of tempered glass.The front table is highlighted in green, the backlight of the table acts as the indicator of lack of grounding.

The company provides service support 1800 terminals in 670 medical institutions of Moscow.

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