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The e-shop of tickets for the games of the hockey club "Salavat Yulayev" is launched

The Infomatika Company has developed and launched a system for sales of electronic tickets and subscriptions for the professional hockey club "Salavat Yulayev", based on the ticketing and access control system LENTA. The service allows purchasing tickets and subscriptions on the team's website just in a few clicks.

Installation of the ticket system LENTA allowed commercializing the whole ticket mass through all possible online sales channels without using the quota mechanism: the "Ufa-Arena" cash desks, the club's own e-shop, the website of the "Rambler-Kassa" ticket operator and other operators.

The implemented system provides the club with efficient and convenient tools allowing working with individual sales of tickets and subscriptions, as well as with booking, quotas and group requests.

The integration of the TSACS LENTA with the club's CRM system allows carrying out various marketing activities aimed at increasing the loyalty of club fans and increasing the turnover of tickets and subscriptions.

The "Salavat Yulayev" hockey club is the professional hockey club from Ufa participating in the Continental Hockey League.
The two-time champion of Russia, the Gagarin Cup winner, the two-time Opening Cup winner, the Continental Cup winner. The "Salavat Yulayev" is one of the most popular and decorated clubs in Russia.
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