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The company Infomatika has completed the automation project of the stadium “Neftyanik” in Ufa.

August 9, 2015, in Ufa, the opening of the renovated stadium “Neftyanik”, owned by the football club “Ufa”.Today, the stadium is equipped with one of the country’s best artificial soccer field with automatic irrigation system and heated.The capacity of the upgraded stadium-15200 places.

On the opening day, the football arena was the first home match, hopefully with the St. Petersburg club “Zenit”, to see who has gathered more than 13 thousand fans.

In addition to the new artificial turf, running tracks and high-tech lighting system stadium met fans, and a modern ticketing system, designed to provide high quality service and the safety of the sports facility.Ticketing system of stadium - hardware-software complex intended for automated processing of visitors, including ticket sales and organization of control authorized access of spectators to the sports facility.

The project partner for the implementation of the access control system was made by the Kazan company Infomatika having a successful experience in automation of sports and cultural objects, including objects of XXVII world summer Universiade and the 16th world Championship in water sports in Kazan.

The main objectives of automation are:

·         The organization of sale of tickets, season tickets, club cards;

·         Control and access management;

·         Providing comfort, safety and attendance;

·         Management workplaces of users:cashiers, security staff, their access rights; generation of schedules.

In the framework of the implementation of a hardware-software complex ticketing system, the company Infomatika was performed:

·         Manufacturing and installation of 36 polorotov and 4 full-height turnstile;

·         Manufacturing and installation of 20 emergency gate;

·         Manufacture and installation of turnstiles and card readers UCR-6P-G and LS UCR-7P is able to recognise bar codes, contactless cards and Mifare MasterCard PayPass;

·         Installation of photographic images( LENTA-ID );

·         Development of module of data integration between the ticketing system of stadium and ticketing system and identification of supporters;

·         Equipment server node and workplaces;

·         Staff training and maintenance of automation systems;

·         8 automated workplaces of cashiers,4 jobs managers and 2 jobs security personnel.

The project is implemented on the basis of automated control systems LENTA systems ( LENTA ) which allows:

·         To sell tickets and passes through the stadium box office, city offices, online ticket sales, automatic self-service terminals and mobile applications.

·         To implement the access control check passes.

·         To inform about the reasons of prohibition of access, unauthorized access.

·         To identify system users with different access rights to functions;

·         To use contactless Bank cards as identifiers for passage through the access control system,to the financial statements in terms of various levels of analysts.To solve marketing problems (discounts, loyalty programs)

Thanks to the introduction of the automated ticketing system, stadium management received effective tool for managing a sports facility, and sports enthusiasts –a modern service.

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