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Privratnik hardware-software complex

Innovative access control system using special touch-sensitive barriers. It is designed for places where conventional turnstiles are unreasonable or prohibited.



number of upright arbitrary
width between the uprights, mm 525 mm
rack dimensions, mm 1100*210*1020 mm
pallet dimensions, mm 1340*2190*550 mm
power consumption of each rack  25 Vt


  • Does not intercept escape routes

  • Gives an accurate account of the number of persons at the facility

  • Assists in prevention of unauthorized site access (indicating light and audible announcement)

  • Each pass through the "Privratnik" is fixed by cameras built into the barrier and saved in the database

  • Has no mechanical parts, thereupon does not require frequent maintenance

Privratnik ACS is supplied with proprietary software TSACS LENTA

The main functions of the system are

  • Pass registration using personalized identifiers (cards),

  • Photofixation of all passing persons with "authorized/unauthorized" pass attribute,

  • Visual indication of pass control,

  • Determination of pass direction,

  • Record keeping of actual attendance according to authorized passes,
  • Data exchange with the external system.

Privratnik ACS is developed subject to all safety requirements. Touch-sensitive barrier stands forming a passage have modern ergonomic design and are made of impact-proof non-combustible composite material. The pass through the barrier is fixed by infrared sensors built all around the stands, allowing clearing the escape routes.

Stands are installed on the mounting pallet system, with power and data cables inside.Pallets are quickly and easily installed and, if necessary, it is possible to change the location of stands not affecting the flooring.

In order to pass through the barrier, a visitor should attach his/her personal card to the proximity card reader. IP cameras and sensors built into the barrier record each pass through the access control system, saving the photo of a passer-by, and information about pass time and direction in the database. Full information about visitors is available online to the institution management of the institution at any time. Built-in light indication modules provide visual access control.In case of authorized access, touch-based stands are illuminated with green light. If the photo associated with attached card is not found in the database or the card has not been brought to the reader, the indication light becomes red, a beep is sounded and a corresponding message is displayed on the security monitor, indicating an access system violation.