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Lokomotiv-Kuban professional basketball club


Organisation ticket systems are professional basketball club “Lokomotiv-Kuban” on the basis of AMS "LENTA".


"Lokomotiv - Kuban"- is a Russian professional basketball club from Krasnodar that plays in the top division of the championship of Russia on basketball among men's teams, VTB United League, Eurocup and Euroleague.


Providing the club an efficient and user-friendly tools for working with individual ticket sales and season tickets and reservations, quotas and group applications.Ability to integrate with CRM.Use ticketing system to work with an already installed earlier at the stadium, control, and access control of spectators.



In the framework of the project the company “Infomatika” implemented:

  • the introduction of ticketing control system.

  • developing an online store for ticket sales.

Install ticketing system, “LENTA” is allowed to withdraw the entire ticket lot for sale through all possible online sales channels without the use of a quota mechanism:

  • cash arena "basket-hall", Krasnodar;

  • city offices;

  • own online stores;

  • the development of the "Rambler-Kassa";

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