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XVI FINA World Championship 2015

The company "Infomatika" took an active part in the organization and construction of the system control and access control of spectators and accredited persons at the facilities of the 16th world Championship in water sports, which was held from 24 July to 9 August 2015 in Kazan.

The world championship in water sports is the largest international competition held under the auspices of the International swimming Federation (FINA).

To participate in the aquatics tournament in Kazan arrived more than 2,600 athletes and 1,800 officials from 191 countries.

Accredited more than 36 thousand participants:organizers, journalists, volunteers, representatives of emergency services.

Look at the competition of famous athletes came every day more than 27 million viewers, and the total number of tickets sold amounted to more than 356 thousand pieces.


The project in figures
  • 36 000
    accredited participants
  • 400 000
    tickets sold
  • 13
  • 29
    check-in terminal
  • 82
    check accreditation terminal

To ensure the safety of participants in sporting events, in the framework of information and communication infrastructure, on the 13th of the Championship was deployed complex multi-level system of control and management of access of accredited persons and the four competition venues and even access control system for tickets.

To control access of accredited individuals we developed a software solution providing persistent communication between access control system and AIS “Accreditation Management " that stores the details and rules of access for all accredited Championship participants.

When reading the identification code of the badge, system, online, checks data of the participant and in accordance with the rules of access to allow or deny passage on the subject.All facilities functioned 82 accreditation of the terminal.

For access to tickets, the specialists of the company "Infomatika", we developed multi-level integration solution that enables interaction between the official ticket operator and the control system and access control at sports venues.At special terminals installed the software that reads the bar code and verify the ticket data in real-time.Ticket inspection was carried out by means of two stationary ACS and 29 mobile terminals U2013 installed at the facilities of the world Cup.

The access control system daily pass, on average, 60,000 people, including 27,000 spectators.

In total, for the period from 27 July 2015 to 9 August 2015, the system throughput of the Championship has been more than 336000 spectators.


Tech support, experts of the company "Infomatika" performed duty at all sports venues.In the company's office in it –Park, was conducted round the clock monitoring of access control of spectators that allowed us to monitor the status of terminals and respond quickly to any changes in the AMS.

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